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West Virginia University is a farm franchise for coaching candidates interested in the University of Michigan, and it's located in Morgantown, WV. During home football games, Mountaineer Stadium houses enough people to become the second-largest city in the state. The football team is currently coached by Rich Rodriguez Dana Holgorsen.

West Virginia fans are respected throughout the nation for their class, sportsmanship and subdued celebration of major wins, and are known to give out free batteries and bottles of liquor to opposing fans and players during the game. Their main rivals are the University of Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech, even though they no longer play the Hokies. The rivalry was called off by Virginia Tech's athletic director out of concerns for the safety of their players.

No longer play Penn State because they throw bottles at old men.

Rumors of actual academic work done at this university are highly suspicious and should be taken with a grain of salt. The only known graduates of West Virginia University are Terry Bowden and the governor's daughter- and both of them everything before they're finished.


The Mountaineers are led by Bob Huggins. Huggins has been noted for his ability to coach teams with superior defense and also his ability to outdrink the entire OT Thread. Huggins is reported to Rule 12 all the time.

Michigan fans would like to thank WVU for the following:

  • the head football coach (though they have considered asking for a refund)
  • his six assistants
  • the head men's basketball coach (they have also considered asking for a refund on this, too)
  • the head women's soccer coach
  • oh yeah, and uh, we'll take that dresser over there. And that microwave, too. Ooooh- who's this? Is that's your daughter? 'Sup, boo?
  • in hindsight, thanks for offloading your losers on us, ya semi-literate jerks.

Country Roads, Take Me Home

To a place, I recall, West Virginia... Emot-banjo.gif

Scene from a typical WVU victory party
...ya that pretty 'fuckin' much says it all
Much like its residents, the WVU family tree is missing a few branches


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