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Two T's are better than one

Texas Tech is located in Lubbock, Texas. Its teams are referred to as the Red Raiders. Lubbock is known for being a dry town. It sometimes smells like cow feces if the wind blows the right way.

Football Team

Tech's most popular and well known sport is football. Coach Mike Leach has been famous for his eccentric hobbies, as well as his prolific spread offense that has lead the NCAA in passing yards from 2003-2005. Leach is also famous for always trying to score, regardless of their lead. This is because of a defense so horrible that even scoring 100 points isn't a safe lead. Thanks to professional douchebag Craig James the Red Raiders fired the only coach who had ever led them to any sort of success.


Memorable Moments

  • Victory over much higher-ranked California Golden Bears in the 2005 Holiday Bowl.
  • Saddle Tramp bell-ringer giving the appearance of masturbation.
  • In 2005 they received flack for scheduling an extremely easy out-of-conference schedule. Well, nobody sucked their dicks when they scheduled tough teams the previous two years, why bother.
  • Overcame a 31 point deficit to win the Insight Bowl against the Minnesota Golden Gophers; much to Gendo's grim satisfaction.

Famous Alumni

Basketball Team

Bob Knight, man.


Basically like a lite version of West Virginia fans. Expect drunken, obnoxious behavior that fades as the game goes on and half the crowd filters out to get drunk in the tailgating area. There's a pretty good hatred for the Longhorns, but most people focus on the Aggies in recent years because they suck. Tech fans used to throw tortillas onto the field, but this was stopped in 2001 when the administration hired an entirely separate security force to watch vigilantly for the dangerous projectiles. One time they ripped the goal post up and threw it into the Aggies' visitor section and some Corps guys got their boots scuffed and cried about it.


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