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The Detroit Red Wings are a great to awful hockey club located in Detroit, Michigan. Because the city of Detroit is in a constant state of exodus, every road game has a rink full of Red Wings fans, as those cities are where relocated fans have found jobs. While the salary-capped Red Wings cannot just recreate the 1995 NHL All-Star team any more, the Wings have cleverly avoided disaster by signing every star player to a 35-year contract.

The most disastrous Red Wings season in recent memory was 2009-2010, where the team only finished in 6th place, and only won five playoff games.


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Many people hate the Detroit Red Wings. In the interest of fairness, this is a section of what people hate about them.

In addition to fans of other teams, fans of the Red Wings themselves hate the team:

  • (Insert Player Here) is too old and broken down to play anymore.
  • Ken Holland doesn't know anything about running a sports team, and his 2002 and 2008 Cups were flukes
  • (Insert Player Here) should be traded because he doesn't fit into the system
  • (Insert Player Here) wants too much money
  • Todd Bertuzzi

Sometimes, even players on the Red Wings hate themselves:

The one thing everyone likes about the Red Wings:

Red Wings Neurosis

Because of the Red Wings all-or-nothing playoff history, Detroit fans have become extremely neurotic and bi-polar about the team. Symptoms include:

  • Drastic Mood Swings
  • Suicidal Thoughts (in the case of a loss)
  • Increasing Nausea during Overtime
  • Extreme Arrogance (in the case of a win)

Defensive Pairings



















Ericsson-Larry Murphy

Pizza! Pizza!

Remember that 5 dollar shit pizza you bought the other night? You just financed the Red Wings! Or the Detroit Tigers.

Schroedinger's Cat's Conspiracy Corner

  • Gary Bettman is constantly out to get the Red Wings.
  • Every referee is against the Red Wings.

Minor league affiliates

Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL) Toledo Walleye (ECHL)


Presumably others.

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