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Chris Pronger received a one game suspension in two seperate series of the 2006-2007 playoffs. In his explanation for why the first incident occured, in which he elbowed Thomas Holmstrom in the head. He gave a vague description that amounted to the fact that because he is so very tall that he could not help that his elbow drilled the opposing player in the head as it was pure physics.

Five games after returning from suspension, Pronger physics were yet again demonstrated after a crushing elbow to Dean McAmmond's head. The speedy Senators centre was suspended for the remainder of the Finals for being too short to contend with Pronger physics.


  • Force = Distance from Edmonton (Measured in Martin St. Louiseses) times the Nights Slept on Couch over the General Asshole Quotient, or the Rutuuometer.
Pronger Physics is no laughing matter

Advanced Pronger Physics

It's been shown that Pronger has 2107 pounds of force at his disposal using the second law of motion.

Let's assume the impact of the stomp took .1 seconds. That's 21070 lbf/s. Using 1 horsepower = 550 lbf/s, thats 38 horsepower. Using a figure of 15cc to a horsepower for a chainsaw, that's the equivalent of around 580cc displacement.

Canadian Tire sells some nice 34cc chainsaws.

Basically, what these Pronger haters are saying is that Pronger stomped on Kesler, despite the fact that SCIENCE says that a Pronger stomp is the equivalent of having your leg attacked by SEVENTEEN chainsaws!!!