Preston Wilson

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Preston Wilson is the starting left fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals. SAS Astros fans often refer to him as Preston "K" Wilson, due to his habit of striking out every other at bat. Typically, this occurs with the bat on his shoulder, especially when there are runners in scoring position. It should be noted that his middle initial is actually K, proving that while the sports gods may hate Houston, they do have a sense of humor.

Wilson is sometimes briefly nicknamed Preston "Klutch" Wilson during the extremely rare occasions when he actually manages to get a goddamned hit. This usually occurs when no other Astros batter has been able to reach base in a game.

Wilson used to play for the Colorado Rockies, but they wised up to his lack of clutch REAL quick and traded him off. Started off as a FIVE TOOL prospect for the New York Mets, was traded to the Florida Marlins during their first firesale, and was then dealt to Colorado for Juan Pierre, and then was signed by the Astros, and then was cut. All suck now.


  • When Wilson plays against the Mets, he comes up with the timely hits and rarely strikes out.