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Hello, my name is P.K. and I'll be saving your franchise today.

P.K. Subban is player for the Montreal Canadiens in the National Hockey League. P.K. plays defense, which works out pretty well seeing as Montreal currently only has 2.5 serviceable defensemen on their roster. Subban was a second round pick in the 2007 Entry Draft, proving that even an utter loon makes the right call some of the time.

P.K.'s enthusiasm and sense of humour immediately won him plenty of fans, as did the idea of the Canadiens adding a defender who was not an aging, expensive, shambling ignoramus to the team.

Ordinarily there would be some kind of sarcastic joke here about the Canadiens and their draft picks but not this time. P.K. is awesome.

World Juniors

P.K. Wants You!

Most hockey fans got their first real look at P.K. during the 2008 and 2009 World Junior hockey championships, when Subban represented Canada in the prestigious international tournament followed intently by the entire hockey world, except for parts of the world outside Canada. But what do they know.

Subban helped Team Canada win it's fourth and fifth consecutive gold medals, prior to the team screwing things up in 2010 without P.K. around to hold their hands any more. Sheesh.

In particular, Canadiens fans were astounded to learn that defensemen are allowed to handle the puck without immediately handing it to an opponent, are permitted to pass the puck to a player on their own team, and may indeed contribute to play once the puck is in the offensive zone. This led to some anticipation of P.K.'s debut with the big club, as it was expected to provide some contrast with the play of former Canadiens' d-men such as Janne Niinimaa, Mathieu Dandenault and Jassen Cullimore.

2010 Playoffs

After injuries to some senior defenders, and the fact that Ryan O'Byrne had come down with a bad case of 'being Ryan O'Byrne', P.K. was called up to the Canadiens during their playoff series against the Washington Capitals. Subban got a point in his first playoff game, scored his first playoff goal against the Pittsburgh Penguins, and tallied 3 assists in one game against the Philadelphia Flyers, just the third time a rookie defenseman had accomplished this in the history of the club. That's a lot of stats I guess but what you should take away from this is that P.K. kicks ass.

Even Sidney Crosby's ass.

2010-2011 Season Crimes

  • Smashed Brad Marchand into a million pieces.
  • Said mean things to Mike Richards.
  • Hit a white player with his fist during a fight.
  • Celebrated after a goal.
  • Wore a Carolina Hurricanes Jersey.

Things P.K. Stands For

  • Penalty Killing
  • Precision Kommando
  • Place Kicker
  • Power Karate
  • Penguin Killer
  • Prodigious Kaleidoscope
  • Philosopher King


A Good Canadian Boy