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Autzen Stadium fucking owns.

The University of Oregon is located Eugene, Oregon, an unremarkable city with high unemployment. The Ducks play at Autzen Stadium, one of the loudest, drunkest outdoor sports venues in the PAC-10.

Regardless of sport, modern Ducks teams tend to be soft on defense and dependent on gimmick offensive schemes.

Mitch "The Plattinator" Platt plays some superb defense while wearing Oregon's trademark "piss yellow" uniform


The Ducks have particularly heated (yet ultimately meaningless) rivalries with a few schools:

  • The Washington Huskies are particularly hated by Oregon fans because, well, they're the Huskies.
  • The Oregon State Beavers are rivals because they're the only other University in Oregon that fields Division I teams. Oregon fans tend to appreciate the Beavers for two reasons, though:
    • The Beavers' color scheme is somehow even uglier than the Ducks'.
    • The Beavers tend to perform even worse than the Ducks in football and basketball.
  • The Stanford Tree, mostly due to academic envy and their unwillingness to properly pluralize their mascot.
hey thanks nike

Relationship With Nike

Nike co-founder Phil Knight, an alumnus of Oregon, has maintained a relationship with the school and is their pimp daddy easily its more prominent donor.

As a consequence of Knight's generosity, the Ducks essentially act as a test bed for Nike designers, leading its sports teams to don some of the most unpleasant color schemes in all of college sports. They change uniform color schemes often and without regard for taste or fiscal responsibility. Aesthetically, Oregon is the antithesis of Penn State.

Fan Involvement

Ducks fans tend to enjoy rooting for their team by

  • Wearing hilariously clever shirts like "Huck the Fuskies".
  • Throwing small metal objects at opposing fans.
  • Complaining about East Coast Bias.

More Reasons to Hate Oregon



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