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Remember when you were 12 and broke a window with a baseball?

Wait, fuck, that's like 1958.

Remember when you were 12 and slapped the shit out of your little brother to get ten bucks out of him to go buy some pot? Remember when he said "When Dad comes home, he's gonna beat your ass!" in a snotty, sing-song tune?

Well in NASCAR, when you commit some kind of on-track infraction, the announcers gleefully announce in that same snotty "You're going to get it" tone that the driver will have to report to the NASCAR trailer after the race for his ass-chewing and punishment. The fact that NASCAR doesn't just keep a room in one of the speedway's buildings open, but instead drags around a tractor-trailer from race to race simply to chew some redneck's ass for passing below the yellow line, well that's just NASCAR showing its' blue-collar roots.

Oddly enough, for a sport that markets everything short of the gooch on your favorite driver, NASCAR has never made a diecast toy of the NASCAR trailer. Not to mention that despite it always being mentioned on race broadcasts, it's very very rarely shown on TV, and only from the outside. Wonder what they're hiding.