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Larry Bird was a noted workout and nutrition fanatic. A white guy famous only because he worked hard enought o be proficient in basketball...and the mob fixed all his games.

Larry Bird, 6'9" Small Forward for the Boston Celtics (1979 -1987). Despite being the NBA's biggest caucasian star, Bird was well known for being the dirtiest player in the league due to his organized crime connections. citation needed

Early Life

Bird allegedly made a small fortune in gambling when his Hickory, Indiana high school basketball team won the chamionship as huge underdogs in 1974. However, it's rumored he eventually gambled away more than what he made, and was soon in the pocket of the Chicago Mob. By 1979, according to FBI files, he had allegedly participated in hundreds of fixed college basketball games, including his team's fabled NCAA Finals loss to Magic Johnson's Michigan State Spartans.

NBA Career

Bird "fell" in the 1978 NBA draft and went to the Boston Celtics who signed him a year later. The Celtics were run by Arnold "Red" Auerbach at the time, who has since been indicted on numerous charges of murder, tax evasion, and racketeering. It is assumed that Celtics games throughout his professional career were influenced in much the same ways his college games were.citation needed

This all began to change in 1984. David Stern was named Commisioner of the NBA, and his well publicized campaign for cracking down on the legitimacy of NBA play included immediately forcing Auerbach out of his GM position, and later severing ties between Bird and organized crime.

Finally free from these ties, Bird found himself free atop the basketball world, competing in and winning several championships over the next few years. However, the mob allegedly retaliated against Bird and the Celtics after they refused to throw the '91 playoffs. Bird was attacked traveling after a game and was severly beaten. He spent a night in traction after the beating, before playing the next day. He was never the same and retired a year later in 1992.


Currently employed by the Indiana Pacers where his duties include reaching for shitty white basketball players in the NBA Draft.