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Located in Manhattan. LOL! Not the Manhattan in New York, silly cakes! Manhattan, Kansas!

Speaking of cake

After inventing and patenting cupcake scheduling and the JUCO transfer as a guaranteed method of being overrated, Kansas State quietly slipped back into the shadows once their secret was figured out.

When Bill Snyder left, everyone (most notably the Texas Longhorns) assumed that Kansas State had simply dropped their football program.

The attacks of 11/11

Ya, mon. Figurs it woulda happened sooner or later

After the Texas Longhorns had their secondary dismantled in their second game by the Ohio State Buckeyes, it took 8 more games before a team bothered to look at that game's film. Congratulations, coaches of the Big XII, you got showed up by first year head coach Ron Prince.


I think they might participate in other sports.

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I think Bill Walker might participate in water sports nyuk nyuk. At least he didn't forget his POWER TOWEL .

Kansas State can also be known as the team responsible for the most hilarious ending to a basketball game in the history of the Big XII

More Terrible Video



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