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Iowa State's past nickname, the Cardinals are represented in their current logo.

Iowa State University

Also known as "Moo-U", The Iowa State University is centrally located in Iowa in Ames. It is the most popular and well-known school in the state, admired for rigorous admissions standards and quality of education. More Iowans attend Iowa State than any other institution of higher learning in the state (this is actually true).

Iowa State is most well-known for VEISHEA. VEISHEA is one of the oldest and most popular student-run riots in the country, making appearances on CNN often, most recently in 2004. VEISHEA stands for the old colleges at Iowa State -- Veterinarian, Engineering, Industrial Science, Home Economics, and Agriculture. Occasionally, Iowa State takes a break from having a VEISHEA riot to have a normal, peaceful celebration of Iowa State.

Iowa State is known for their basketball squad and the feared arena that is Hilton Coliseum. In fact, most people start looking forward to basketball in mid-October, after another terrible run of football.

City of Ames

Iowa State is located in the lively city of Ames with a population of around 50,000 people (30k of which are students). Ames is often considered the social and cultural capital of Iowa. However, Ames is perhaps most famous for the fact that the residents of the city hate the university and its students, and think Ames would be a far better town without 30,000 people spending money, working low-end jobs, and paying sales taxes.

Anytime students find something fun to do, one can rest assured that the Ames City Council or the Story County Board of Supervisors will pass a ordinance or law banning it. Ames is home to such-forward thinking city ordinances such as the "couch law", banning funiture use outside. Story County was one of the first counties in Iowa to pass a keg registration law, requiring all of your personal information including blood type, favorite kind of BDSM, and amount of sexual partners in order to purchase a keg. Don't forget that unlike college towns across the country, you must be 21 to enter a bar in Ames.

Iowa City and Cedar Falls, home of the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa, respectively, do not have such bar laws, keg registration laws, or couch laws, and as a result are towns full of neck-bearded mouth breathers. The entire Iowa State community is thankful to the City of Ames and Story County for banishing fun in any form.

Iowa State Football

ISU Football was restarted after the hire of Dan McCarney. Iowa State had not played football (not anything resembling it, at least) since the late 70's before Coach Mac came to town. Now, Coach McCarney has led Iowa State to unprecedented success, leading the team to 7 win seasons consistently (2003 never happened).

The most famous phrase uttered by Iowa State Football fans is, "Just wait until basketball season starts!"


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