Fulmer Cup 2008

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Current Scoreboard

Final 2008 Scoreboard

Rank School Points +/- Details
1st Alabama Crimson Tide 28 -- Double Armed Robbery, Public Intox, Selling Nose Candy
2nd Missouri Tigers 22 -- Various Drug Offenses, Vandalizing Cars, Drunk Gun Waving, Typical underaged college student, Hit and run with a mailbox
3rd West Virginia Mountaineers 19 -- That smoke isn't from coal!, Midget Fight, Scufflin' with Devine, Stolen CC, Assault
3rd Virginia Cavaliers 19 -- Grand Larceny - Possessing stolen goods and pot, Stealing CCs, DWI, Stealing bear at a gay bar
5th Washington State Cougars 17 -- Contact-ular Assault, Pours beer on cop to avoid MIP, Party Assault, Correction of points, Suspended License on way home from jail, Assault with a frying pan
6th Arkansas Razorbacks 16 -- Put his girl in her place, Didn't pay his traffic ticket, DWI, Scooter Rage, Narrowly misses cop while drunk and stoned
7th Georgia Bulldogs 15 -- DUI+Bad Driving, DUI, Carrying concealed, Fighting, Correction: DUI Downgraded to Reckless Driving, Drinking, Pissing, and property destruction
8th Penn State Nittany Lions 14 -- Disorderly conduct at Margarita Mama's, Terroristic knife threats, DUI x2
9th Colorado Buffaloes 12 -- Whole bunch o' fighting, Passing out after punching cars
10th Illinois Fighting Illini 11* -- Firing off guns in a club
10th Tennessee Volunteers 11 -- Weed possession while driving around recruits, Public Intoxication, About 8 DUIs
10th Nebraska Cornhuskers 11 -- Unnecessary crotch groping, Drankin in a disorderly house, DUI
13th Florida Gators 10 -- Standard Underage Drankin', Using the credit card of a dead person, Open Natty Light
14th Mississippi State Bulldogs 9 -- Gun Play, DUI
14th Miami Redhawks 9 -- Inept pillow attack
14th Kent State Golden Flashes 9 -- Felony Burglary and hitting girls
17th Oregon State Beavers 8 -- Drunken Evening by the Punter
17th Rutgers Scarlet Knights 8 -- Robbery with a fake gun
17th Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 8 -- Rape and Sodomy
20th Indiana Hoosiers 7 -- "...the medics had to restrain his arms, at which point he passed out again.”
20th Hawaii Rainbows 7 -- Girl got between a man and his porn
20th Nevada Wolfpack 7 -- 3 DUIs in one night
20th Bowling Green Falcons 7 -- Breaking in and demanding weed
24th Boston College Eagles 6 -- Sexual Assault
24th Iowa Hawkeyes 6 -- Emot-weed.gif, Minor in possession
26th Oklahoma State Cowboys 5 -- Punchin' Cops while Drunk
26th Louisville Cardinals 5 -- Robbing a 7-11 with an uzi
26th Troy Trojans 5 -- Drunk Burglary
26th Duke Blue Devils 5 -- Threatening a LOT of cops, Public Intox
26th Kansas State Wildcats 5 -- Theft
31st Florida State Seminoles 4 -- Guns and weed
31st Ole Miss Rebels 4 -- Refusing to leave a nightclub, DUI
31st Arizona Wildcats 4 -- Cuddling with sleeping girl
31st Ohio State Buckeyes 4 -- Bar fight, DUI
31st Oregon Ducks 4 -- Running a "drug house", DUI
31st Virginia Tech Hokies 4 -- DUI with revoked license
37th South Carolina Gamecocks 3 -- Emot-weed.gif, Disorderly Conduct, Underage Drinking, Dropped charge for weed
37th MTSU Blue Raiders 3 -- Reefer
37th Southern Miss Golden Eagles 3 -- 5 lbs of Emot-weed.gif
37th Texas Tech Red Raiders 3 -- Fighting over a parking space
37th LSU Tigers 3 -- Messing with the police
37th Clemson Tigers 3 -- Beating the crap out of his girlfriend
37th Vanderbilt Commodores 3 -- Causing a scene at the Honey-Pot
37th East Carolina Pirates 3 -- Assault
37th Kentucky Wildcats 3 -- DUI, Fighting
37th Michigan State Spartans 3 -- [1]
47th Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2 -- Drink like a Champion today!
47th Cincinnati Bearcats 2 -- Smashing a bottle over a roomie's head
47th Iowa State Cyclones 2 -- Interfering with official business
47th Ball State Cardinals 2 -- Pissing off MADD
47th Syracuse Orange 2 -- Drunk burglary
47th Cincinnati Bearcats 2 -- Emot-weed.gif
47th Purdue Boilermakers 2 -- Stealing Condoms
47th Marshall Thundering Herd 2 -- Fighting
45th Oklahoma Sooners 2 -- DUI
45th Michigan Wolverines 2 -- DUI
56th Connecticut Huskies 1 -- Shoplifting
56th Arkansas State Indians 1 -- Disorderly Conduct