Ellis T. Jones III Award

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The Ellis T. Jones Award is the Heisman Trophy of the annual Fulmer Cup competition. The Jones award is given to the individual who singlehandedly accrues the most points for his university during the NCAA Football Offseason. The award is named after Ellis T. Jones, a San Jose St. player who ammassed an incredible 31 Fulmer Cup points by himself. Truly a legend in NCAA Thuggery.

Past Winners

2011: Troy Evans of Marshall for thundering through Huntington on a robbery spree

2010: Nigel Carr of Florida State puting the criminal back in Criminoles with a little burglary and credit card theft.

2009: Trent Pupello of South Florida for a pistol whipping spree.

2008: Jimmy Johns of Alabama for some serious cocaine distribution

2007: Ronnie M. Wilson of Florida, for firing off a semi-automatic rifle during a road rage incident.

2006: Ellis T. Jones himself, for 13 felony counts stemming from using Craigslist to meet robbery targets.