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RAWR! - The most frightening doormat in the South!
The Baylor Bears athletics program is the premier doormat of the southern division of the Big XII conference (unless you're the Aggies).

Baylor is a vaguely religious school, so most students do not drink. A few do not dance. The girls claim not to have sex, but getting laid in Waco is almost as easy as getting laid in Lubbock, and without the necessary side effect of an STD cocktail that every Raider whore carries in her like a terrorist carries a vest of explosives.

The campus is very near a stinking, ugly river. They do, however, have the Dr. Pepper Museum and a Cracker Barrel.

They have a girl who can dunk now!


I got stripes (stripes around my shoulders)/I got chains (chains around my feet)
Baylor is, perhaps, most famous for the highly publicized incident in which Carlton Dotson murdered fellow Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy (no relation to Brian).

Dotson hid out for a few months then later admitted to the murder. In the aftermath Baylor announced major violations (I'm assuming more than just team-killing) and did a thorough house-cleaning, firing then-head coach Dave Bliss (brother of Saved By The Bell teacher Miss Bliss).


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