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The University of Arizona is located in the city of Tucson. For those unfamiliar with Tucson, it is a shithole and no one likes it except Calexico. U of A is mostly known for its basketball team, coached by Lute Olson. Down there they treat him like a folk hero; in fact, there's a city ordinance that requires his likeness to be on every billboard. Basketball fans have recently deluded themselves into thinking that their forays under Olson in the 90s have made the newly-vacant coaching position good enough to be top-notch, on par with UCLA or Kansas.

Arizona's Football Team is participating in the 2007 Fulmer Cup, which is as close to a championship their football team will see. Reach for that star!

It should also be noted that the University of Arizona offers a little known degree that specializes in teaching its students how to sell NBA Draft Picks for fun and profit.

The School

There's nothing really worth mentioning about the school other than that they throw tortillas at the graduation ceremony.

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